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Opening Bank Account For Venture Capital (VC) Fund

If you are looking to open a bank account for your VC Funds then keep reading on, as we are going to cover the basics steps and VC friendly banks.


A venture capital (VC) fund is a pooled investment vehicle managed by a venture capital firm. It raises capital from various investors and invests these funds in startup and early-stage companies with high growth potential.



Why It Is Hard To Open A Bank Account For VC Fund?


Opening a bank account for a venture capital (VC) fund proves challenging due to a combination of regulatory complexities, extensive due diligence procedures, and risk management considerations.


VC funds are subject to intricate structures and high-value transactions that sets a benchmark of risk that banks have to take into account. Banks scrutinize these funds closely to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering measures and to manage potential risks associated with the volatile nature of venture capital investments.


Some of the risks in question are illicit funds used in those early investments, especially when crypto currencies are involved, also some of the portfolio companies turning to be frauds and wasting not only VCs money but other investors money and putting banks on the spotlights that facilitated those transactions.


Additionally, the lack of a proven track record especially when VC fund is newly established can be a factor, complex fund structures involving multiple SPVs, and the international nature of many VC operations further contribute to the difficulty in establishing banking relationships.


Why Venture Capital (VC) Fund Needs Operational Bank Account?


A venture capital (VC) fund requires an operational bank account for several critical reasons.


Firstly, the operational bank account facilitates transactions, including the transfer of capital from investors to the fund and the subsequent deployment of funds for investments in start-up and early-stage companies. The operational bank account is essential for handling various financial transactions such as receiving returns on investments, managing expenses, and distributing profits to investors.


Moreover, the bank account is crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability. It allows for clear tracking of financial activities, enabling the fund managers to provide accurate and up-to-date financial reports to investors.


If you would like to get an up to date list of VC friendly banks, reach out to us and we will send you the details via email.


Steps To Open A Bank Account For VC Fund


To open a bank account for a VC fund, the first crucial step is to carefully choose a bank experienced in handling the unique needs of VC funds and well-versed in the associated regulatory landscape. For that step, as mentioned previously, you may contact us for assistance.


Once the legal structure of the fund is determined, including the completion of necessary legal documentation and obtaining required licenses, the fund's organizers should compile essential information about the fund's structure, investment strategy, and key personnel.


Subsequently, the commercials will be agreed upon and due diligence process will start. During the due diligence process, the fund will need to provide comprehensive documentation covering its processes of KYC and AML, investment prospectus or policy, identifications of key personnel and decision makers and the track record of the management firm. Completing the bank's checks and answering questions from their analysts is vital.


After the bank reviews the application and conducts its due diligence, approval is granted, and the VC fund's bank account is opened. It is advisable to get to know your accounts relationship manager and familiarize with all additional services the institution car provide.


Finally, having several bank accounts is recommended as banks tend to change their client acceptance policies and risk appetite and may close already active accounts, which can disrupt the operations of the fund.




In conclusion, opening a bank account for a venture capital (VC) fund is a complex process and requires preparation. The outlined steps emphasize the importance of careful bank selection, meticulous documentation, and ongoing communication with relationship manager.

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