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Financial specialist, experienced Sales Director with a focus on fintech. Led successful collaborations on major fintech projects, investments, and correspondent banking setups.

Vykintas Barakauskas

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Financial specialist with an extensive network of banking service providers. Assisting companies worldwide with opening accounts and improving their banking capabilities.

Vladislav Žuravliov



We listen to understand each and every unique client's demands and expectations. To standardize this, we ask clients to fill out a questionnaire that will allow us to structure our problem-solving process.



After a careful review, we arrange introductions to one or several financial institutions that are the best fit based on the client's profile and their own client acceptance and risk appetite policies.


Continued Assistance

We constantly strive to ensure that clients are satisfied and ultimately get one or several solutions to fulfill their business needs.

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Epico Finance specializes in delivering a comprehensive consulting service with a unique approach that involves connecting clients with prestigious Tier 1 Banks, Asset Managers,Foreign Exchange Brokers, Electronic Money Institutions, Processing Houses, and Payment Gateways. Our experienced team has partnered with FinTechs and Banks to develop FX and payments solutions that help to optimize payment workflows, reduce foreign exchange costs, and manage currency exposures in changing market conditions. 

Epico is also a strategic partner to various Financial Institutions looking to expand their institutional relations with trusted partners, facilitating those as an external business and development force. Our team has spent a number of years in the industry, understanding our clients and the markets in which they operate. We are there to listen to varying needs and bring solutions to the table.
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