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Set Up B2B Payments For Your Crypto Company [Full Guide]

Updated: Apr 30

If you are looking to open a bank account allowing B2B Payments for your Crypto Company, then keep reading on. We are going to discuss the best banks and payment methods.


Why B2B Payments Are Important In Crypto Industry?


B2B payments have a common need among blockchain, web3 and crypto enterprises. Digital businesses are increasingly engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, however B2B fiat payments are still very much relevant and enable seamless and secure transactions between real economy and digital world companies.


Moreover, B2B fiat payments in the crypto industry are important to guarantee the efficient company internal processes such as: managing the supplier and stake holder payments, paying staff and the local governing bodies or tax authorities, making payments for software vendors and transacting with investors or crypto exchanges or liquidity providers.



Crypto And Fiat Payments Via Single Virtual IBAN


There are new emerging banking providers focusing on am mission to bring crypto and fiat payments in a single platform that could operate transactions via a virtual IBAN. This is possible due to regulatory innovation and ability to on-ramp and off-ramp digital currenices. This creates an alternative banking environment that can now enable more payment methods and reduce transaction times.


Virtual accounts and OTC transactions become possible via single VIBAN that is being issued in the clients name. Such operational account can support pay-ins and pay-outs, plus crypto OTC services (Fiat < > Crypto – for example EUR < > USDT).  


On top of that crypto companies get incoming payments and settlements from VIBANS in GBP, EUR and USD. And the solution host both "fiat" and "crypto" wallets within the same banking platform.


If you would like to explore account opening for the above mentioned solutions, get in touch with us.


Crypto Processing Solution


Moreover, DLT Crypto processing solution comes as an add-on for online merchants that wish to process payments in crypto currencies. A crypto payments API offering a checkout process and fixed QR code for clients who want to collect from or pay-out crypto to their customers.  There are multiple solutions available that can support various flows of funds. Even high risk merchants where C2B and B2C solution is often used by gaming, gambling, forex and CFD platforms now can enable stable coins and mainstream crypto currencies as an additional payment method for client deposits and withdrawals.


Emerging Markets Payments


Clients often struggle to transact in or out of emerging markets, especially African continent. A new breed of solution where crypto stable coins act as a bridge between continents and countries, allowing 24hour settlement into major fiat currencies like EUR GBP and USD on top of existing support of 25 emerging market fiat currencies.


However, some markets are more complex than others therefore it is important to consult with the bank or our team for any specific solution, you can reach out to us here.



Embedded Payments For Institutions


Our team specializes in helping financial institutions to expand their banking network and add new solutions to their offering. Embedded Payments Solution for both fiat and crypto payments via single API is a game changer for many remittance and payments companies, especially in serving emerging markets.


MSBs, EMIs and PIs can now launch any of the products mentioned above on their own platform by simply integrating via API and customising their offering to their client base. Embedded solution enables them to start offering crypto payments without ever touching any crypto currencies themselves.


It is a quick go to market solution leveraging multiple sending and receiving banks with a global reach underneath. Accepting both crypto and fiat as means of payments, while institutions don’t ever need to deal with crypto directly.


Boosting revenue with additional payment rails, currencies and destinations, allowing to serve a wider addressable market of clients.


If you’d like to learn more about embedded payments for institutions, reach out to us.




In conclusion, navigating B2B payments for crypto companies involves adding solutions and expanding market reach.


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