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Bank Account Opening

Our banking industry connections allow us to open accounts for corporate structures in 70+ jurisdictions, including offshore, non-resident companies, and individuals.

We assist various industries in obtaining better banking solutions, optimizing payment workflows, increasing payment rails, hedging currency exposures, and reducing overall banking costs. Leveraging our banking experience, including understanding banks' costs for providing payments or foreign exchange services, identifying risks associated with different business types, and employing superior negotiation skills, we deliver results.

Our services cater to both low-risk and high-risk companies, from reducing international banking costs to enhancing banking networks or solving specific problems. We have also supported over 15 financial institutions in the EU and UK with safeguarding and multi-currency account opening.

Additionally, our expertise extends to technology solutions for payment-heavy industries such as e-commerce, FX brokers, gambling, and similar. We have successfully automated payment operations through API solutions and scalable payment pricing plans.

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