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Empower Growth
Together with Us

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with highly relevant and comprehensive GAP analysis tailored to their unique situations, along with timely and effective solutions that drive business growth.

We take great pride in maintaining a 100% success rate and ensuring client satisfaction, as we believe there is no challenge that cannot be overcome.

Despite our track record, we approach each day with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as if it were our first day in business. We meticulously assess each client's case, exerting maximum effort to identify the optimal financial partners or solutions that align with their specific needs.

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Epico Finance Mission

Our core mission is to offer specialized financial advisory services to our clients, encompassing vital areas such as international banking,

With the advent of globalization, businesses of all sizes can now trade across borders and make investments in various jurisdictions with relative ease.

However, the traditional financial system often falls short in meeting the unique needs and operations of individual clients, due to its limitations and lack of competitiveness. This underscores the importance of having exclusive banking partners and investment banks that can provide personalized services. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated to assisting our clients in accessing exclusive and tailored financial services from licensed financial institutions worldwide.

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Epico Finance Solutions

We take a personalized approach, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of our clients, and utilizing our extensive network of financial institutions to deliver exceptional service. Presently, we collaborate with 10+ licensed partners across various domains, including bank account opening and payments.

Our team of consultants brings a wealth of experience from investment and banking backgrounds, and is dedicated to sharing their expertise and exploring the most effective solutions for our clients.


Bank Account Opening, FX & Payments

Company Formation, Off-shore, Trusts & Foundations

Our team has partnered with fintechs and banks to develop wholesale FX and payments solutions and provide advisory services on optimizing payment workflows, reducing foreign exchange costs, and managing currency exposures in changing market conditions.

We have supported business owners and high-net-worth individuals in obtaining residency or incorporating companies in multiple jurisdictions, leveraging our extensive network of legal, accounting, and tax expertise for tailored solutions.

Financing & Investments

Our team includes experts with experience from top-tier investment banks, funds, and financing facilities, allowing us to identify investment solutions and attract funding through their networks and industry expertise.

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